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Bluewaters Bluegrass Festival Aug 9-11

Photos from Bluewaters

The 2019-20 music showcase will return in a comfortable new setting

at Opportunity Presbyterian Church at 202 North Pines Road in Spokane Valley

on Oct.5, 2019  Please join us!

May Showcase photos:

Video link
The Tipich Family Travelers

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link 2

Kevin Pace and the Early Edition
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The INBMA Music Showcase resumes October 5 at the
Opportunity Presbyterian Church on Pines in Spokane Valley

Members - $5, Non-Members - $7

Membership through December 2019 - $25

The Festivals page (link at top) is updated for this year so go find some festivals!

See photos and videos from the May showcase at this link

The INBMA is partnering with the Spokane Folklore Society which hosts weekly traditional New England style contra dances from September through June
There is always live music and a caller who teaches all the dances
Please join us every Wednesday at the Woman's Club Hall, 1428 W. 9th, Spokane
7:15 Intro Dance workshop   7:30 to 9:30 Dance
Admission $7 General, 45 Members/Students, Under 18 Free
Singles, couples and beginners are welcome
All dances are taught.
Contra dance is a communal style folk dance that is fun and easy to learn.   - Couples start in long lines facing each other and move up and down the set
A caller leads the dancers through a series of moves and the sequences repeats every time you  meet a new couple.   An evening consists of about 10 to 12 dances.
Participants are encouraged to switch partners for each dance and get to  know the community

Silver Lake Mall Concerts Fridays
Silver Lake Mall -  200 W Hanley Ave, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815

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Brad Sondahl's photos from Showcases,  and Bluewaters are viewed here.

Our monthly Board meetings  are open to all members...  All are welcome, for input...We will listen !!

Brad Sondahl is the website coordinator. Contact brad2@sondahl.com  for needed changes on these pages...
The INBMA is located in and around Spokane, Washington, serving the region known as the Inland Northwest.
Current President:  Wyonia Farner

Keep Pickin' and Grinnin'!